I swear there’s a quote out there somewhere about joy and sorrow walking hand-in-hand. I just can’t find it, which means that I either stole it from someone I know, or I’m a genius and I made it up but can’t remember when or how. Really, either is fine with me.

This phrase is something that I throw out there when I have a hard day or week. Because even when things are a little challenging, there’s still plenty to be happy about. Simple things, like cat videos on the internet and sunshine. The fact that beaches exist and I will visit them throughout my lifetime. When strangers smile or say things that out of context, are both horrifying and funny. Friendship. The fact that God is control of everything, even this dumpster fire of a culture that Americans love so much. All reasons to be happy, even if other things are completely falling apart or are burning at the moment.

That phrase is incredibly helpful, but I’ve come to believe that it’s also too simple. Yes, there’s joy and there will always be sorrow. But there’s also being annoyed, the nagging feeling of things that need to be done, fear of decisions made and what consequences might follow years down the line. Dread. Amusement. Awkwardness. All kinds of emotions, linking arms like they’re playing Red Rover except, somehow they’re charging at me and will likely clothesline me at some point in the incredibly near future.

Or not.

It’s surprising when we don’t get knocked down by something (or all of the things) right?

Maybe these experiences and their corresponding emotions are more like a mosh pit, all circling like a cyclone, throwing punches, kicking, demanding attention in their own time. Regardless, it’s not as simple as joy and sorrow walking down the street by themselves like a semi-happy couple posing for that Instagram photo that they know is going to get all of the likes (even if everyone knows they’re faking it. But at least they care enough to fake it, right? That has to be a sign of some kind of health… maybe?) Getting back to the metaphor started at the beginning of this paragraph, those two and the rest of the gang are there, waiting to make their move. Waiting to plant their heel in your spine, or make you smile.

No matter, we will survive.

Everything is going to be alright.