After months of getting around, making judgments, praying and talking crap, I’ve whittled my church options down to two. This is exciting, but as I’ve already said, when it comes to something like ecclesiastical participation, I’ve lost my ability to make decisions with confidence. So, I’m going to share with you a little about each one, listing the pros and cons that I’ve figured out. Hopefully you’ll notice that I couldn’t have picked two congregations more different from each other.

One is non-demonational, the other is Anglican.

One is so untraditional that Easter service one year had a man dressed in a robot costume playing the part of a DJ while the other has liturgy (Note: I am not a tradition kind of man. I’m pretty much the opposite and loved the robot).

Both have incredibly humble pastors. One is a lot more educated than the other (I will rant about necessary educational standards for clergy until I die… I need people who know what they’re talking about speaking into my life. I don’t care what you think about that attitude).

One is large and established, the other is a relatively new plant. It’s so tiny that when I mess up the liturgy, everybody and their mother hears me and I’m forced to choke on my own panic-laughter in the back row, where I hide.

I don’t know many people at either church. The first, because it just doesn’t seem to be happening. The second, because there aren’t too many to know.

One has a rock band, the other has a piano, hymns and sometimes a guitar. Everyone can hear me sing- this is a bad thing.

One is trying to buy the building they’re in. The other meets in a hotel where the pastor turns the thermostat down to 58. Have you ever seen a grown man shake like a leaf? It’s pathetic…

Of all the congregations in my over-churched town, I found myself interested in two that are entirely different from each other. It’s like a 7-10 split in bowling. I’m left wondering, how the hell do I make this work? Both have their strong points, but I’m only going to commit to one. I know which community I desire to join, but I also want to be sure to let God weigh in on this one. That means I’ve been praying, but sometimes, it feels like when I ask the Almighty about something like this, he spins me around a few times, stops me, slaps me in the rear and says ‘Go’. And off I stumble…

At least this little adventure is nearly over.