The monstrosity of a social gathering the night before didn’t matter anymore. It was behind me and I had a barbecue to attend. I threw on some shorts, grabbed my flip-flops and basically ran out the door. I’d be right on time, which was never my favorite, because it’s always awkward if nobody else ends up being at the party right away, but I loved the host and his wife tons. We’d have fun before anyone else arrived.

I sped almost the entire way there, pulled up into their driveway and basically ran to the door. Without knocking, I busted in and yelled, “I’m home, bring me a sandwich!” I could see Brian outside on the patio, cleaning the grill. Mary, his wife came running out of the kitchen, food all over her hands and gave me a hug. Something dripped down the back of my white shirt and before I could protest, she started patting my back, laughing.”Got ya!”

She skipped back to the kitchen, leaving me wondering what kind of food I had down my shirt and wandering out to my friend. Before I got to the back door, more people came crashing in through the front. They had soda, chips, dip and other party necessities with them.

Humans continued to pile in through the door. They filled the love seat and couch, sat across the hearth of the fireplace and cross-legged on the floor. Everyone was eating and yelling, trying to tell stories and understand conversation. Several loitered in the kitchen, just picking at the food that littered the counter. More people were outback, starting a game of volleyball.

At some point, music came on. It was loud- the volume made yelling matches even worse. Friends were trying to understand each other and either had to abandon the quest for this kind of social interaction, or had to go outside where it wasn’t nearly as loud. Some people started dancing. I sat on the couch and laughed, not knowing what good moves looked like and believing they all were idiots for dancing at all. Part of me wanted to get up and join in.

After fifteen minutes, the entire living room was up and at it. Nobody seemed to know what they were doing, but all of them enjoying themselves. I was doubled over laughing at the indescribably ridiculous motions I was seeing. A couple of friends came over and started pulling me off the couch. “Get up!” one of them yelled. I didn’t protest.

The night went on like this. Food spilled on the floor, as did soda and every other drink in the house. The music never got any quieter, neither did the people. We were young- well, most of us were, but we all enjoyed the company, music, food and opportunity to act like idiots. Time flew by and some left after realizing that the event had lapsed into the next day. It was time to go home, exhausted but happy. I didn’t really want to leave, but I’d see many of my friends at church in just a few hours.