“Thanks for coming to _______, my name is Jake. Would you like to try one of our new fatty pastries that not only goes straight to your love handles but also hardens your arteries?”

That last part was made up and I’m not willing to say which coffee company I worked for because they have enough money to send a hit man after me if I talk too much crap. Not that I’m a huge concern for the multinational organization but sometimes, I like to think that I have to act in the interest of self-preservation; it just makes life more interesting. If someone is going to kill me, it’ll be for a reason that’s at least semi-meaningful. Anyway, after welcoming the customer to the drive-through where they’d spend at least five dollars on a drink, a common response was,

“Hi, Jake. It’s So-and-so. The guy who comes here every single day of the week and orders exactly the same thing and never tips. I’ll have my usual.”

At which point, I’d start racking my brain while I punched in their order then prepared myself for conversation with someone who I should have remembered a little better. This happened with a lot of people. Tons of people buy coffee every day. Some of them, more than once a day. Every now and again we’d miss a regular for a day or two. By we, I mean my boss and some other people. I didn’t miss customers and rarely noticed when they didn’t come in several days in a row.

A few disappeared. Without warning, they just stopped coming in and giving us ridiculous amounts of money. I could only imagine they moved to Arkansas, died, went bankrupt, or we really made them mad and therefore would never see them ever again. When this happened, it took me a while to notice their absence. I could almost always rely on one of my co-workers to say something about it.

It’s like watching a child or plant grow, or when somebody changes a photograph but leaves the gaudy, gold frame in the exact same place on the wall. Sometimes, it takes a while to notice that the kid is a foot taller and that the picture on the wall isn’t your friend’s girlfriend who dumped him more than a month ago, but rather, it’s a larger than life photo of his cat. I think the same principle may apply to truth.

I walk in truth every single day. I promise this isn’t intentional. It isn’t unintentional, either. Some notions and expressions of verity can’t be escaped. God wins. He loves us. His amazing Son died on a cross for us. We win. Every Jesus-person knows this stuff but we find ourselves walking by it day after day. We interact with a love that’s growing inside of us and changing us all the time. Sometimes we don’t notice not that it disappeared, like one of the coffee shop regulars but rather, that a lie has crept in. It grew a little off-kilter, the photograph was replaced and instead of Jesus being in the frame, we see ourselves, dreams, loved ones and sometimes, it really is some stupid cat.

The truth didn’t die, we just didn’t guard it because it became common. Its novelty wore off because it was always around.. Familiarity killed our attention span. So even though truth shouldn’t surprise us, because it’s so common, it sometimes does. Thankfully, the Spirit of truth manages it all for us. Thankfully, we can count on Him to remind us if we ever need it.

Has God had to remind you of a simple truth lately?