Any properly indoctrinated Christian understands that they have a whole world to influence. They take a look at the Great Commission of Matthew 28 and run with it. I have no problem with this, as I am a properly indoctrinated Christian. In contrast to this belief, every now and again, someone living outside of a relationship with Jesus does something that we can learn from.

Jim Carrey used to make me say bad words. His style of excessive, inane comedy never appealed to me. The Fire Marshal Bill skits from In Living Color made my blood boil. Ace Ventura needed to be eaten by a bear. Dumb and Dumber shouldn’t have been made. Those last three sentences clearly only mean anything to me because Mr. Carrey’s comedy worked. The man has made millions of dollars off ridiculous humor. This didn’t happen without some heartache, first.

Jim lived like a lot of the rest of us do. He had a dream and worked really hard at it. He daydreamed about success and took steps to get there. Pop-trivia tells us that at one point, the man wrote a check to himself for ten million dollars. He did this long before he had one-percent of this goal. The man kept the check and used it as a reminder and motivator.

What if we did something like this?

I can hear the religious folks getting contentious over this so let’s flip it just a little. What if we wrote God a ten million dollar check, in faith? If we’re really positive, we could call it a tithe, but then there’s just too much money to handle involved in that, right?

It doesn’t have to be about money. What if we took our faith and put it on display like Jim Carrey when we’re believing for church growth, that ever elusive spouse, children, a job we like that actually pays the bills, this list has infinite possibilities. Just so everyone knows, it’s alright to put success and money on this list, too.

For once, I’m inspired by Jim Carrey. I’m pondering on the ways I’m going to display my faith and show God what I’m believing Him for. My question is this:

What can you do to show God you’re putting your faith in Him?

(Really? What are you going to do? Tell me.)