The paper-backing peeled away to reveal your adhesive side. Slowly, you approached the rear-end of the sedan, tipping to the right just a little, then back to the left, you had to be on perfectly straight. People had to look at my rear-end all the time anyway, so why not give them something to think about? A bright and shiny Jesus fish was the perfect object for stuck-in-five-o-clock-traffic meditation, right?

Going out in to traffic for the first time wasn’t bad. So shiny and new, you didn’t cut anybody off, you certainly went the speed limit and sped just enough to allow the car staring at you to also drive the speed limit. You were so self-conscious. Maybe because you were new but maybe it was because you knew that people were watching you. They wanted to see what you’d do.

Over time though, you tarnished, just a little. Weather does that to any other Jesus fish, even the Darwin crabs and sharks that sneer at you from their bumpers. It didn’t matter what they thought, they’d be gone in a couple of miles or less. All it took was one turn and you’d never see them again. Even if you were losing your shine, you still caught attention, just because of who you were-people still wanted to see what you’d do.

Once, some jerk tried to pry you off my car. He jabbed a key into your bottom fin and tried to make your adhesive give way, but he didn’t succeed. It left a nasty scar, but you made it. You’re still there, silently displaying your message to the world. What would make a person do something like that? He must have really disliked you- funny enough, he didn’t even know you.

There you still are though, making your way through traffic like a salmon, trying to make his way upstream. Don’t go too fast or be too aggressive, you’ll be called a hypocrite. Don’t go under the speed limit either, because you’ll be misrepresenting meekness and you don’t want anyone to think you’re a pansy. That’d be the worst! Just make sure you do it right, and don’t piss anyone off. They’ll never understand your message if you do something wrong. If they don’t understand you, then what good are you?

★                   ★                   ★

Well Jesus fish, you’ve lost your luster, but your car has too. You were so pious when you were brand new and shiny. You stuck out against paint that you rested on, so well. You haven’t changed so much as you’ve been through rough weather, car washes and heat. The elements took their toll on you, but you’re still there. Even though you aren’t so noticeable now, you’ve still got your appeal. You stand for the same thing and people still see you.

Remember, they’ll always see you and what you do still matters to them.