In my largely uncommented on post, “Walking Man”, I wrote about a conversation I had with a pastor friend of mine who was relatively annoyed with my theological idea that God doesn’t care where you drop dead, I asked a question that I’ve been asking for five years now. . .

Can I marry “any” woman I want to? Or can I move to
another place and still be in God’s perfect will?

These two “choices” are the best to use for this type of query because theyr’e big! These decisions change your life dramatically, and we need to know what God thinks about how we should make these decisions. Well, I don’t typically quote anybody on my blog, but I have to repeat what my pastor preached this last Sunday, it was a word from God that fit so well into my life right now.

He was preaching about dreaming, and pursuing God’s purpose for your life, and part of that included examining where we get our dreams. (I’m going to butcher this, but I need to get to bed, so I can be fully aware and awake for the job tomorrow) My pastor said that people tend to ignore their dreams because they fear that they’re not God’s will. How sad is that? Why would the God who loves us enough to torture His only Son and hang Him on a cross, just to get us back into relationship with Him want to torment us by making us do things that we don’t like? That’s kinda like a man who pays a huge dowry for his wife that takes a lot of scrimping and saving to get to, then he just beats her or something, even though she apparently was worth so much to him. On a side note, I called a friend of mine O.C. for a while, because the last time she went to Kenya, someone offered one cow to her father, so she could marry his son. She was offended that she wasn’t worth more than that. . . needless to say, I called her the good ol’ one cow for a while.

Anyways, I’ll get to the point that hit me, and that I won’t forget. My pastor quoted Matthew 7:14 which says,

“narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life,
and there are few who find it”

Imagine that you’re driving to big city, but that you must go through the bottom of a canyon to get there. Your options to get in are limited to one path, and chances are, that it is an old road, with one lane going each direction, and it more than likely doens’ t have a passing lane. That’s how you get into heaven! You have only that one way to do it, and there isn’t a lot of room for lateral movement, you can only go forward or backward to get there. Now, as much as that is the truth, people seem to think that it’s a little more like traveling through fields in an old Jeep or something, because then you can go off road and do whatever you want and still get to your destination, but that isn’t so. . .

Anyways, once you’re past city limits, and you’re in the Kingdom of God, you’re no longer limited to that one road (salvation) you have room to move around and dream! You have options! Bless God, because if there was only one woman for me to marry out of the six and a half billion on this planet, I’m probably too stupid to find her!!! I would like to think that there’s probably a few thousand options that God thinks would really work!