I think that when I reflect back on my last semester of undergrad-ness, I will tell people that it was a near-death experience, but I will also explain that I liked it that way, too. Partially because I have the determination of a dictator, and partially because I know what it means to work for something.

More than not, we value what we work for more than what is dropped in our laps. For example, guys will sleep with a larger number of girls than they will date (It’s a matter of consumption versus appreciation). I learned in sociology that if a girl gives in on the first date and sleeps with a guy, he won’t complain, but the likelihood of him dating her is less than if she didn’t do it, the odds of them marrying is even smaller. I think that this is true from the girl’s perspective as well. That’s not always the case, but it holds some truth.

When we work for something, we gain an understanding of the value that it holds. Buying a house is a big deal, but it becomes a bigger deal once that first mortgage payment is due and you realize that you took out a thirty-year loan, which means that after this, there’s another 360 or so payments left on that baby. . . so you walk in your front door, and you imagine the great changes you’re gong to make to the place, and genuinely begin to love your home because it cost you a lot.

I think children are like this too, but I don’t need to elaborate that much; they cost a lot and they’ll hurt you, but you still love them because they’re kinda yours.

Anyways, I went to school. I worked hard,
read a lot,
wrote a lot,
spoke a lot,
sacrificed sleep,
sacrificed social time,
and I will value my degree.

I got my cap and gown, my tassel, honor cords (magma cum laude baby!) and I will cherish that awkward little piece of paper all my days. I’ll actually miss being on campus, watching people zoom by on those awful little razor scooters, wishing I could make them crash. I’ll miss cigarette smoke in the eyes when I walk out every bloody door, because good Lord, students smoke a lot. I’ll miss needing a backpack, because mine’s really awesome. But, this is a good time.