What would happen if your worship leader was anything like Thom Yorke?

1-Depending on your denomination, he might be tackled by a platoon of old ladies armed with anointing oil who collectively command afflicting demons to leave, in Jesus’ name.

2- He might be voted off the island in one of those churches that holds democracy as one of their core values.

3- Everyone would start rolling around on the floor, which would be fun (reminds me of a Crash Test Dummies song, also amazing).

4- Two people would raise their hands, while the rest get annoyed by them and think they are weird.

5-Pastor interrupts with an equally dramatic gospel presentation and EVERYBODY gets saved.

I was reminiscing tonight, and just wanted to share one of my favorite band’s older, but incredibly amazing songs. Then I wondered what he’d be like as a worship pastor and this is the questionable result. Good night all.