Just how much value does a person contain? What enables one to become famous, impact millions, and to gain both our trust and admiration rather than make minimum wage, and hide beneath our societal radar? Education? Appearance? Ability? Normalcy? All of these elements in a person’s life probably play some role in how we become who we are and what we do, but do they carry any ultimate value when it comes to our own personal worth? Capitalists have a strong tendency to look at monetary worth when it comes to ascribing value to anything, even people. That’s how CEOs , some authors, and others get these massive salaries.

The significance of any article, person, whatever it might be carries with it an implication of how much we’re willing to pay for it. Value dictates indemnification. For example, look at the computer market. There is a wide range of products for a wide range prices. Some people will pay more for an Apple computer because they feel that such an item is worth their extra money. Some people don’t share that opinion though, and go for something more inexpensive, and manage to be content with that. Do we ever consider that the inverse is true as well? Implicit in buying, selling and ascribing value is that the more we pay for something, the more we will value it. Think about your firs car: did you buy it by yourself? Did your parents help? Did they just give you a vehicle? The cliche that accompanies this example is that if we work hard to get something for ourselves rather than just receiving it, we’re more likely to appreciate it take care of it.

How much did someone pay for you? How much money do you make annually? How does it make you feel when your salary determines your worth? Ok, so we understand that such an element only partially describes you, and you AREN’T your job, right? You’re also someone’s friend, father, mother, sister or brother. You have a multitude of relationships that carry significance, and you volunteer too. THAT’S where you feel like you mean something, isnt it?
I want you to consider what you mean to people, and I want you to consider what you’re worth. Such a capitalist idea, isn’t it? Perhaps you’d rather become a comrade somewhere rather than think like that, but don’t yet. I have great news for you. Someone paid a huge price just for you. In His eyes, you contain beauty, value, significance, and you’re loved, too. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (NKJV)
Yaweh, God, Jesus, not only created you, but bought you. Imagine Him walking down the aisle at Target, He sees you on a shelf, a “your name here” doll, that comes with career accessories, your ride, and whatever else you scamper around with. Spouse and children each sold separately, but He picks them up too. Do you see the point yet? YOU mean so much to GOD that He PAID a great price for you!

From a Christian perspective, I have a hard time with people having low self-esteem. We know that God loves us and that He created us for a purpose; It’s our job to pursue that purpose, and to know that we’ve been created in such a way as to attain that purpose. It might or might not include wealth, fame, and influence, but when we work toward it, a certain level of joy, peace, and other such good emotions accompany that pursuit.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ personally, check Him out. He won’t be forceful; He’s a complete gentleman. It’s amazing. But if you allow Him, He’ll change you life; heal you, make you happy, and provide for you as well. In subsequent blogs, I’ll give my own testimony, expound on Christianity, and hopefully provide insight into what answering to the title, “Christian” means. If you’re reading this and you belong to another faith, or are agnostic or atheist, please continue to read because chances are that you’ve had a hard time with organized religion, Christians, or spirituality. I’d love to hear your story. BLESSINGS!!