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The Question of 2016

by on December 10, 2016


I’ve never felt as tempted to quit the Facebook as I have the past few months. I don’t mind genuine political discussion, but the name calling and fake news posts and confirmation bias slathered all over it has me shaking my head. Calls to deport undocumented people, recount votes and ban muslims, to make America great again in so doing are irrational and a huge, shameless display of prejudice. Any time one speaks about a people or community wholesale, one must be incredibly careful, considering their words first.

I’ve had the occasional argument about this here and there the past few months, too. Nothing major, I promise. It’s happened online and off, with people for or against a cause, by those who have interpreted and misinterpreted communication or the lack thereof. And it’s fine, I guess. As a minister, I’ve signed up for a bit of abuse and I mostly do well with it. Mostly. As I’ve navigated social situations and scrolled past posts written in all caps, I’ve wanted to ask some of these people, when was the last time you were wrong?

Life life and death


by on October 31, 2016


It’s Halloween. I stayed home sick and in bed most of the day. I’ve been a mess of fever and snot and exhaustion, but whenever I stay home sick, I always want to write because just lying around feels like wasting time- of which, I never seem to have enough these days. So, here we have it. Ghosts.

I think my MySpace account still exists. Not that I’ve logged into it in years, but I’ve simply refused to get rid of it because there are some photos from a lifetime ago that I’ve still got emotional ties to. That makes me sound like a hoarder of sorts. A digital one, if you will. I’m not the only one. In fact, I know a few people who are paying for cloud storage to keep things they’ll never touch again. At least I’m not that bad.

Talking to God

Talking To God: Clocks

by on September 20, 2016

Talking to God

Time makes no sense to me. I mean, I get the concept and can even read an analogue clock, set an alarm, mostly wake up with it and so on, but the pace at which time moves completely bewilders me. It isn’t consistent. It moves far too quickly at all the wrong times and refuses to budge far too often. It isn’t fair, and I have a strong sense of justice, so of course, I often protest this inequity. Particularly when my phone barks at me to end a nap. So, I decided to ask The Almighty about this, to see what He had to offer on the topic.

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