About very Much Later:

If I’ve learned anything after writing on this blog for years upon years, it’s that a writer, or one who aspires to write¬†must be willing to be wrong. She has to walk with a humility that allows her to say, “I’ve changed my mind since then.” or “I’ve learned otherwise. Sorry if I misled you.” This is what very Much Later has become. I hope that I’m growing and developing as both an artist and a thinker. You’re invited to grow with me, if that’s what you desire.

About Jake Lee:

I’ve been writing for years now, have edited for various other writers and creative types and love the challenge that comes with communicating ideas in a number of media.

My B.A. is in Communication, from Boise State University and my primary experience seems to be split between the nonprofit and technology worlds.

Otherwise, be sure to follow me on Twitter and if you like what you read, like very Much Later on Facebook and if you want, feel free to contact me.

I’m nearly always happy to do a guest post, too.