Gomer, Israel, the Church… Same Diff, Right?

Are you surprised that she left like she did? I mean, she was a floozy before they got married, you know.

Of course she was, but don’t act like you weren’t the town bicycle for a while before you finally settled down. Personally, I feel bad for Hosea. He doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. He offered her so much more than any of those other jerks in town ever wanted to.

I think he’s ridiculous. He should have known better. And you leave me out of this. Can you believe he took her back? She was legitimately a prostitute this time around! She just gave it away before they got married, but she had a line going out the hotel door not three weeks ago! I hope she didn’t give him a disease. Regardless, he’s not fit to be a prophet and this scandal proves it. 

You act like it’s his fault she ran out on him and the kids! She’s responsible for her own actions.

It probably is his fault. I bet he beats her. Or he’s a drunk. Maybe he doesn’t put out for some weird reason and that’s why she had to go looking in other places. And you know he’s got to be crazy. He thinks he speaks for God, but really, he just wants to control us and get us to live by his ridiculous standards- too bad they failed, eh?

Wow. You really think that? He’s good to his kids and he treats her so well, too. Get over it. This crap happens. Besides, they’re back together now. I think she finally understands that no other man is going to take care of her like that.

She doesn’t deserve it either. I think I’m going to petition for a new prophet. Can we do that? I bet I could coerce Yahweh into replacing him, I’ll just have to fast and pray about it for a few weeks. It almost always works.

When was the last time you listened to Hosea preach? He’s been comparing Gomer to Israel from the start. He..

Compares himself to God, I heard that. It doesn’t bother you at all? I think it’s the most pompous notion in the world!

He’s illustrating God’s love and forgiveness. I need to go, I’m sure I hear one of my kids calling me and I left some stuff on the stove or whatever.

I’ll be over in the morning, I’m not done with this conversation!

Umm, I won’t be there. I’ve got this… thing. Bye now!

★                    ★                    ★

Sometimes, it’s hard to recognize God’s part in day-to-day happenings, especially when you don’t want to see what he’s doing.  Not that any of us are ever there, right? Does Hosea’s story ring true with you, or does it just make you worry about marriage, like it does me?

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  1. There are a lot of times that I feel like Hosea - the door starts opening for something I've prayed about and wanted for a long time and then it seems like everything falls apart and what seemed like an answered prayer turns into a huge struggle. Of course, I might be a little biased today because I thought I was going to have a new job, get to quit my crappy current one and make $600 more a month, but then come to find out it's not permanent, there could be weeks that I wouldn't have hours / not get paid. What felt like the answer to 3 years of prayer last night, feels like God dangled a promise in front of my face only to take it away. I'm a little upset if you can't tell. lol
    • jake
      Gah! I'm sorry to hear that. God's funny, the way He chooses to do things is terrifying sometimes. But it's good, too. Jason, still praying that you get a job that pays more than enough and that you actually like :) Otherwise, Hosea is a scary book not only because of how Gomer acted, but also, because he had to marry a prostitute.
  2. ummm... yeah :) i am the queen of judging people for being in bad situations rather than seeing God do something bigger in it. and it's true that those judgmental people just go on and on about what's wrong... and there i am judging the judgers. AH!
    • jake
      Abby, I feel like you and I have been told to judge someone's fruit, (Oh MFI..) which the fruit the people saw was pretty terrible. I guess it goes to show that maybe we should be avoiding that, too!
  3. I cringe when I read Hosea... Man, I gotta give him credit though, he was obedient. I think we all miss the point of God's lessons when we aren't intimately seeking Him.
    • jake
      What scares me the most is how even obedience can basically have some ugly fruit too. Everyone knows that following God doesn't mean that life is going to be easy, but in my experience, people still try to tell us it's better, which ultimately it is, but still, marrying a prostitute who cheats... hmmm.
  4. This is so good, Jake. It's so easy to be disobedient when "everyone else is doing it", especially when that somebody else is someone you love. We justify our own bad actions or reactions because we have this misguided notion that life is supposed to be fair. And by fair I mean fair to us, not so much anyone else. It's extremely difficult for me not to dislike Gomer for what she put Hosea through.
    • jake
      How many humans have been led astray by a loved one? I guess that's why most of the time we're told to be careful about who we spend time with, but in this instance, God was telling Hosea to get into it with bad company. Fascinating. And I'm so with you about Gomer, I kept calling her one name in particular when I was thinking about this. The poor man didn't deserve it. I seriously hope she didn't give him a disease...