Jesus wasn’t born in December and I don’t see why the year has to end and begin again so close to Christmas. I mean, our notion of time is arbitrary, isn’t it? I guess I’m glad that we can just move things like the birth of our Savior around on the calendar because otherwise, winter truly would be a completely worthless season.

I know that our calendar is based on seasons, equinoxes, the planet’s rotation and all that, but I still think we could live without it. But it’s fascinating and exciting to see the hope that accompanies January. People run around and flap their gums, making claims…

I’m going to quit smoking this year

I’m going to drink less this year

I’m going to drink more this year

I’m going to lose weight and get me some abs

I’m want to to cuss less

This year, I’m going to be funnier, even if I have to swear more

I’m going back to church

I’m going to be less stabby

I’m going to spend less money

I’m going to learn ________ and then ________ with it

I’m not a resolution kind of person, which makes me wonder if I’m missing out on the hope that everyone else carries into January. Then again, maybe the expectation that accompanies a new year comes from flushing the old one down the crapper. I’m just not sure. Regardless, I love hope. Expecting something better and shinier is wonderful. When I was young, I’d always get the mail for my parents because I just knew that eventually, there’d be a check or package in there for me and it was going to be awesome. I always had a high level of expectation when I was little.

I still think that way… it’s just a little more realistic, based on past experiences.

I wish we could all get excited for new weeks like we do for new years, but then again, a lot of people would be hung over every Monday and they’d regret kissing random strangers more often, too. Maybe we could just party once a month and get energized about that.

What are you hoping for in 2012?