Your father is a drunk who beat you mercilessly.

You’re surrounded by idiots who just make you want to stab them but instead, you occasionally punch holes in walls and kick windows out.

You self-medicated.

You cut yourself.

You purged after every meal.

You never felt loved.


Jesus showed up and made it all better. I mean, it took some time for bloody knuckles, malnutrition and addiction to heal and all that, but something amazing and wonderful happened the second He showed up and your life was immediately better.

I’m going to make a confession. I’m a little arrogant. I try not to be, but every now and again this comes up and surprises me. Like the other day when I was trying to write. I wanted to be original and had nothing. I felt as though I had seen and heard it all and had nothing to contribute. Believing you’ve “seen it all” might be one of the highest forms of pride, or ignorance.

Regardless, I closed the laptop and picked up a book that reminded me of something. Even though I’ve seen and heard the same messages communicated eleventy-billion different ways and have grown weary of pretentious attempts at originality, stories never get old. Even if they all end the same way. Especially if they all end with, “Jesus wins and so do I.”

There are potentially six-and-a-half-billion testimonies on this planet. All of them are set in motion but many of them haven’t gotten to the Jesus-portion of it all yet. Others have been reveling in the relationship that redeemed them from the nastiness that they didn’t want to hang around. And still more are running frantically, trying to avoid that part of the denouement where we all see how good God is.

I just finished reading Ian Cron’s Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me. I couldn’t put the book down. It’s one man’s testimony involving Catholic priests, an unfortunate father, some funny situations and a whole lot of booze. It reminded me that people’s testimonies are some of the best stories out there and here’s the deal- I want to hear yours. I have a nice, clean copy of Cron’s “memoir of sorts” to give away, but you have to write your testimony into a post, put your link up, and I’ll draw a winner based on entries on Monday, July 18th.

I’m looking forward to reading about what God has done in your life!