I was kind of upset with him. Enough that I  drove over to his house and we calmly talked things over. I sent him a text about two weeks in advance so that my opponent could fit the necessary half hour in on his busy calendar. Screaming wasn’t necessary. I didn’t even get stressed about it either, he was just talking crap and needed to stop. It was that simple. Now we’re best friends forever… we just smile and wave when we see each other at social events- there’s absolutely no need to get all sorts of lovey and spend too much time with each other.

That kind of story doesn’t work for Hollywood. Frankly, it doesn’t do much for anyone because it’s tame. Yes, there’s conflict, but it isn’t anything worth writing about. Even on this blog. I need a real brawl, not just a disagreement. I require a kidnapped girlfriend, fighting and enough blood to make Kill Bill look like the Power Rangers or something ridiculously G-rated like that. My fights need to have epic proportions. Mostly so I can tell stories about them later and let the world know how they changed me.

Without Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter wouldn’t have been the chosen one.

Romeo and Juliet would have just been another emo couple if their families didn’t hate each other.

Batman, Superman, The Incredibles, and every other super hero ever mentioned never would have risen to the occasion if there wasn’t crime.

Oprah wouldn’t be every woman’s hero if she wasn’t perpetually single and permanently on a diet.

I’m not a dualist. Good is always good, even without the presence of evil, but at the same time, I understand that conflict causes growth and change. We don’t need all the badness the world has to offer, but even the idiots that we encounter every now and again provide us with an opportunity to become better people. Or worse ones, because what matters in a contention-induced battle is what we do with our differences. Fights start because one or all of the humans involved sucks, so we should understand that and see what we need to change when we’re bickering with someone else. Unless it’s all their fault, which really could be the case. When that happens, we can only pray that God shows them how stupid they are, right? And it’s always the other person, not us… so I guess we can blow off everything I just wrote….

My faith in God doesn’t need any other human to complete it. With that in mind, I could live out my Jesus-centered existence in a social vacuum- without another person around to bother it. But God didn’t make us like that- He created communal creatures who want to be around each other, even if we do make those who have to deal with us a little crazy.

I suppose I could sum it up like this: My flaws aren’t only areas where I can improve, but they give you something to work with too. Here’s to becoming better people… let’s fight.