Boxes and dust, things forgotten and found again, and I choose to move on anyways. . . the past couple of weeks have seen me at camp yelling at kids like I love to do so much (I genuinely mean that), I moved to the OTHER end of the bloody city, which is annoying, but OK at the same time, because I have a nice place with a roommate that I don’t believe is home very much. . . and everyone said “Bless God for absentee roommates!”

School might be trying to kill me, one class has 60 (SIXTY) bloody hours of lecture, and I pretty much have to memorize the Old Testament, which is fun, but my little brain is too packed out with fun facts about OTHER things. . . I was thinking I’d reformat to get rid of the junk and have more room. . . but I was afraid I’d lose my personality. Oh wait, I think I may already have.

For some random reason, I have been much less of a grumpy ho lately, and frankly, I’m worried. I still have my threats, but they’re few and far between, and honestly, there’s nothing behind them. Not that I ever meant I’d stab or kill anyone before, but I still felt like it. I don’t feel like hurting people, and I’m afraid because of it! Anyways, if you follow my tweets, you get it (@much l8r). Moving on, I think I have a post that I’ll get out tonight, but we’ll see what happens, I have a lot on my plate still.

You’re all amazing in your own ways as far as a remember, but I think I’ve got over a 100 posts on my google reader that I’d really like to get to, but I might not ever get to hit that, so please forgive me.