I dream.

I make plans.

They will happen.

I plot things out in my mind, contemplating every step along the way, and even consider the hang-ups and obstacles I’ll encounter. I try to follow Jesus in every one of those steps, even if it seems as though He’s leading me right into annoying hindrances. Every now and again though, I consider the disparity between where I’m at and where I want to be. In the game of life, I really wouldn’t mind spinning a ten on that ridiculous little dial, so I could get there faster. When that doesn’t happen, I have to admit, I occasionally become a little emo.

Puberty called Jake, it wants its angst back.

You’re 25 for goodness sake.

Tonight happened to be one of those nights. This week has been a lot more challenging than I ever wanted it to be, but here I am, still kicking, screaming, breathing, alive. It isn’t all that bad. I had a revelation tonight about God, and even about myself. Matthew 9 has several miracles. A dead girl is brought back to life, the bleeding woman is healed, one person is given a voice, and two blind men are given their sight. The blind men are interesting in this chapter because Jesus heals them, but He says,

“According to your faith, so be it.”

In essence, Jesus said, “God will live up to your expectations.” What else does faith mean? God will move as much as you expect Him to. Of course, He has rules, so if you expect him to smite any lazy co-workers, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I know from experience. Nobody is surprised that God is like this, as any Christians who have been around for any length of time know that faith just works like that.

We are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). So if He lives up to our expectations, how much do we live up to our own? I think sometimes that it’s easier to have faith in God than it is to have faith in ourselves, but the same principle applies.

We stumble.

We disappoint.

We flake, and it’s pathetic.

So why would we want to believe in ourselves?

How much more difficult is it to have faith in other people? We let each other down, we stab each other in the back, then we gossip about it to our friends because the scandal gives us something to talk about. We all want something to talk about. With fear of sounding a little humanistic, I’m going to say that we should have faith in others. We should have faith in ourselves. We will live up to the expectations placed on us, whether they come from another person, or our own introspective efforts. God made us that way, He made us to be just like Him. Believe in yourself, even if that does sound revoltingly cliche. Cliches happen for a reason; many of them are true.

By the way, you’re not Jesus, so have more faith in Him, or you will have a really crappy eternity.