I have an announcement to make, I’m not a coffee. . . what’s the masculine form of wench? Because, lets be honest here, that’s what I was. Anyways, the place treated me well, and now I’m done. I met some incredible people there, several of which I will continue to hang out with because they’re hot girls, or because I enjoy their company. I only say that because they read this and now I’ve created a scandal. C’mon, it doesn’t take much, and it’s fun to do. I don’t like to be scandalous in real life, but fake rumors are occasionally awesome, as long as nobody gets in any real trouble.
Now, to be professional, I work for a software-ish company now, that does all sorts of what I feel like is randomness. I discover something new every day, and am loving it. Praise be to Jesus, who hears when you beg Him for something, even at four in the bad word morning as you’re driving across town to make coffee for the early risers.