It has occurred to me that Christianity is meant to drive people absolutely crazy. When you become a Christian, things always seem to be contrary to the natural inclinations that we once were given to. For instance, we know that we can’t just go have sex simply because we have the desire. If that were the case, Christianity might be a little more popular with young people. . . old people. . . middle-aged people. . . you know. By the way, sex isn’t the only example, what if I always gave in to my compulsive eating? I certainly wouldn’t have the string of a body I have now!

Lately though, I have been driven to my wit’s end by Christianity because it’s all inclusive. We can’t kick someone out because they’re not normal. Perhaps that isn’t a bad thing, but when you consider all the people whom society has shut out and rejected, something as socially comforting as Christianity sounds pretty welcoming.

In Luke eight, we have the woman with the issue of blood. Jesus is on His way to heal Jairus’ daughter before she dies, and finds Himself in a mass of bodies, all of which seemed as if they were pressing in on Him, so much that the Bible says, “The crowds almost crushed him” (NIV).
That means that Jesus has people all up in his personal space, and if He were anything like me, He’d be yelling about it.

Anyways, this woman, who had been bleeding for twelve years, figured that if she only touched the hem of His robe, that she would be healed. Consider then, how this story is set up. This woman is typically described as having a dramatic gynecological problem, which according to the Law, meant that she was ritually unclean.

Being unclean meant rejection from society. Leviticus 15 indicates that during this time in a woman’s month, that she and whatever she touches are unclean. When in this state, women were rejected. I’m not going to justify this or anything like that, but consider the woman who intentionally touched Jesus in that crowd of people. She had been alone, untouched, more than likely ignored by most people, especially men. The notion of her touching Jesus indicates that she either believes that much, or that she’s selfish enough to drag the Lord down with her. She, just as we hope all people will, found something in Christ. He had a place for her. She had to reach out in faith to the man, but then she was made all better.

Christianity today isn’t much different. There are dirty people out there, ridiculous wretches who really don’t belong anywhere, but who find a place in Jesus and therefore, in His body and with His people. Because we have the love of Christ in us, we love everyone, even if they’re flippin’ nuts!

I love everyone, (I don’t care what I say sometimes. I don’t mean all the bad stuff!!) and therefore I find myself in these situations where we’re surrounded by people who Jesus loves, and we do too, but quite frankly, they’re socially disturbing. Something that Christianity does is allows people to be who they are, but sometimes, people shouldn’t be who they are so much, because it’s a bothersome chore to put up with them. More than likely, they were homeschooled, but that’s another story all together. (had to get my dig in).

I go through phases where I’m “selectively social”. These are times when I’m just tired of the weirdos who never seem to do anything strange, but rather who all come running up at once to show the world who they are and challenge me in my selfish thinking. . . i.e. drive me crazy. You see, it’s the sin and selfishness in us that makes us feel like wer’re going crazy in terms of our Christianity. It’s that same sin and self-seeking that makes rejecting someone because they’re different feel good, so of course when in spite of ourselves we answer the phone, allow them to come along, and even try to enjoy their company, we might find ourselves feeling a little flustered.