I began my college career in the architecture department. I love art, and I love building things, putting the pieces together, and having a tangible product that everyone can enjoy. So, architecture had to be the route for a satisfying career. Not to brag, but I was good at it too. I designed a house while I was still in high school, and it was built the following year, and I actually won a few design competitions during college as well. I had two styles of architecture that I was absolutely in love with, the first was art-deco, which is always just beautiful and the second was anything postmodern because I love screwing with things, essentially “remixing” them. Funny thing about that is that I knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied with architecture forever, but at least I would make bank and probably get a hot wife in the process (maybe because of the money).

If anyone knows much about postmodern thought (including architecture) one of the tenets is that everything has already been done. There are no avenues for new styles, trends and thoughts, all of our options have been exhausted. So all we can do is repeat ourselves, or as in the case with postmodern architecture, we can really jack up the old system of organization and try to make something original using what we have. I’ve been feeling this as I’ve been brainstorming ideas to write on, and feel like I either repeat myself over and over, or like I’m ripping someone else off when I write, which isn’t fun, but with my reading, and hanging out with God, I now have some ideas.

I’m pretty sure that God might the the ultimate post-modernist. In Ecclesiastes 1:9 He uses Solomon to say,

“That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done,
And there is nothing new under the sun.”

And that is how I’ve felt about writing lately. I’m over it, and will continue to write because I know that people are never satisfied with what’s there and we always want something new, so I’m blatantly going to take advantage of that and hold it as an excuse to continue to write.

I enjoyed architecture a lot in school, but then I got saved. God has this thing where He interrupts our lives and our plans, and gives us better ones, even though we don’t always want what He has to offer right away. I got saved, jumped into the intern program at our church, fell in love with ministry, and went back to school with the intention that someday, I will communicate the Gospel. So I studied communication. That’s how that came to be, and now that I’ve finished that, I am now a student at Western Seminary pursuing my M-Div (masters in divinity). I’m doing it online (home-school style) because I love my church and the people that make it. I’m currently waiting for my crap to come in the mail so I can begin! This post is random, but I know that I’ll be satisfied with this career choice, that is, when it becomes a career.

For now though, I’m still a barista, and I’m fortunate to be one, because there are a lot of people out there looking for jobs, and I have one. So it’s waiting time, (that will get it’s own post) and that’s my life update for now. And just like life, this post had it’s rabbit trails and times when it didn’t make sense, but when you got to the end, you were satisfied.