I got new glasses. And I got some contacts too, which are fun. I seem to enjoy poking myself in each eye for forty-five minutes at a time, because I have been doing it for about two weeks now.

I’ve needed new glasses for a while, a few years to be exact, but I haven’t had insurance to get them, so I’ve held off with the prescription that I got forever ago. Even though my old prescription was only doing about half of what my new one does, the glasses worked for me. Sometimes it’s better not to see the details. I looked better when I was fuzzy, and couldn’t see every little pimple or blackhead that made an appearance on my face.

How common is that? Self-examination is easier to do when you don’t really catch the details. I mean that in a spiritual way. I’d rather not consider every little blemish I have on my soul, every place I need to grow in, think about every spiritual lack I have in my life. It’s just not any fun! One can become incredibly depressed thinking about such things, because we all have so many things to grow in.

It’s easier looking at other people when you’re half blind too. Literally, and spiritually. Some people are a lot hotter when you’re half blind. They also seem like better people when you don’t get close and know all their garbage. It’s just the same as considering ourselves, just looking at our friends or those around us.

I have a regular who comes in every morning, who I actually have a lot of fun with, but not too long ago, he made some really dirty comments about one of the girls I work with. It was gross enough to make me blush, which I think is difficult to accomplish. I look at him differently now, because he gave me an insight into his thinking that I hadn’t had before, and it kinda ruined our other conversations, because now I’m excessively careful when he comes in, and I send the other barista away.

Truthfully, it’s better to know the details. It’s better to know where people are strong, and to understand their weaknesses, as well, but it isn’t easier. I’d rather know if one of my high school guys is doing something wrong than not, even if it does change the relationship we have. I’m better off knowing that I’m serving coffee to a pervert, than thinking that he’s just another customer. (He’s still a good guy, just doesn’t know Jesus, so hasn’t had his thinking redeemed and changed.) There’s more reward in looking closely, examining the details, and developing a real relationship with someone, even if it is hard. The same is true of ourselves, it’s better to know that I suck at life here, there, and in this area, than to turn a blind eye to it and never grow.

Sometimes though, it’s so much easier just being shallow.