School started. I hope that I get to post more than I have the past week and a half, but it’s actually questionable! I have so many good ideas, but here’s a little of what’s keeping me busy…

Philosophy 101- hopefully, I’ll get some good stuff to write about in this class. It’s supposed to teach me how to argue using logic and all that…. I say threaten their lives and punch your opponents in the throat!!!!

Abnormal Psychology- When I’m done with this class, I’ll see a psycho coming from a mile away! Oh wait, I already think everyone’s crazy… am I paranoid?

Urban Sociology- I might have grown up on a ranch off and on again, (Say what?) but I love the city. Give me the homeless, the busy, the crowded, the fun of it all and I’m content!

Non-Fiction writing- I love all of you so much that I want to improve my skills… just for this blog. Not really, but I’m excited about this class. I literally just finished a piece on a pink travel bus I spent several days on!

Literary Criticism- If you want to be a good writer, be a good reader. That’s what I’ve always been told! I love to read, and criticism is one of my forte’s!!!!

Public Speaking- Because I’m going to preach the Hell outta people someday. It’ll be glorious. I’ll do more than that too, but that just sounds like so much fun!!!

Add to this, my 25-35 hour work week, two small groups, and maybe teaching interns again (if my schedule allows it, I’m supposed to find out soon, I really would like to teach again!) and you’ve got me until December. I’m graduating then, and we’ll see what happens there. Hopefully a big long break, followed by a real job and grad school! Anyways, keep checking, I promise I’ll have some good posts!!!!!!