Late nights and early mornings are mortal enemies. If both be found in the same 24-hour period, there will be contention, regardless of which happened to be there first. I’ve come to realize though that sometimes that kind of a sacrifice needs to be made. There are good reasons and mediocre ones as well.

Generally, I’m mature enough to know the difference between a decent reason to make myself excessively tired and one that really isn’t worth it. Last night was a good reason. Friends who live in Moscow, Idaho were in town only for the weekend. They made the trek to Boise for the exclusive purpose of going skydiving, then seeing friends and family with their remaining time here. Once again, I drove like a psycho to get to the house after work to hang out, which I did until almost two in the morning.

We all went to first service today ( I don’t see first service very often, it begins at nine in the morning, which isn’t early, but Sundays, I sleep in). They were making the journey home, (with a few added stops) but not before meeting up with Jesus and whomever else they could find at church. I could barely keep my eyes with their dark circles open, but it was worth it, being there to say good-bye.

I thank God for friends and amazing people. Some people are worth late nights and early mornings. Then again, some aren’t!