Elisha had just lost his mentor to a chariot of fire that flew up into the sky. The two of them had walked around all day, and perhaps for many days before this one. They certainly had visited several places in a whirlwind of traveling. After seeing the chariot and receiving the double portion of Elijah’s mantle, Elisha performed a couple of miracles, and was ready to be on his way. That’s when it happened; it’s when it ALWAYS happens, right before you leave. Some young people saw him on the road to Bethel and said, “What’s up, old baldhead! Out of our way, skinhead!”

What happened next still makes me laugh, at least a little. Elisha cursed the youth, and out of nowhere two female bears come out of the woods and kill forty-two of them in all. (2 Kings 2)

This is retribution from a grumpy old man.

It is believed that these might not have been young people, but rather sophomoric or immature adults who acted like they were younger. Their willingness to disrespect a prophet of God was indicative of their contempt of God, and this little incident probably wasn’t the first time they had taken such action.

Today, if you’re contentious and someone does something annoying or simply ridiculous, just remember Elisha and what he did. He took care of his problems, and it seems that God gave him a helping hand. If you don’t have bears in your area, a pack of rabid squirrels or a school of bottle-nose dolphins might do the trick, just be creative and believe God that He’ll help you with your problems.

Have a great day!