I bought books for school today. Nine of them for a mere $160 plus shipping and handling on Amazon.com. That really isn’t bad for anyone who’s gone to university before, I think that my worst semester saw me handing over about $600 or so… that was a kick in the wallet. This has had me thinking about the end of summer, my social life, and the drastic loss of sleep I’m going to experience again…Among other things.

I’m taking eighteen credits this semester, just like the last, but this year, something is different. I’m graduating. Imagine Ben Stein in the “Clear Eyes” commercials with the beach ball saying,


Obviously, I’m much more enthused than that. I’m ready to be done with the place! I’ve even been nominated to speak at my graduation, I’ll keep you guys posted on that one, because that would be an awesome thing to do! The guy who spoke at this last graduation was the most monotone, mediocre, didn’t keep my attention for five of his twenty minutes flop I’ve had to listen to in a long time. I don’t even care if that’s rude. I should not be subjected to anything like that ever again. If I am, I might start setting fires to whatever happens to be around me!

The lack of enthusiasm is coming from that wretched question so many of my peers are asking right now as well… “what am I going to do?” For some, it’s more like, “What the #%@^& am I going to do?” but that’s a different story altogether. I might get to that point after graduation if I still don’t know. Here are the options that I see. Let’s just say that I’m choosing to live by faith and not by sight, because living by what you see doesn’t accomplish more than to depress the crap out of you….

1- Keep serving coffee…with a degree. In all humility, I am not above this. I can’t say that just because I got a degree, that I’m somehow too good… that is, much to my disdain. My boss is all about this, it both scares and annoys me.

2-Graduate school… doing this anyway, I think. It would be yet another way to put off getting a real job and managing to live like I’m much younger than I really am. I’d like to do grad school slowly because I’m “so invested” in my career.

3- Get a job in the media. Boise’s media suck. BAD. Does that mean that I feel called to bring my communication expertise in to improve the situation around here? Emphatically, “NO.” If I do this, I’m moving to a real city. Even though it isn’t my dream job, I could have fun writing for a Christian magazine or something to that effect for a while, it could be a great grad school job! Especially if I lived somewhere else…

I’m not sure what other options there are, so I’m just praying to Jesus that He’ll get me the right job, because He loves me, and I love Him, and I’ve been so good this year… just kidding about that last one. Anyways, there’s a little insight into my life at the moment. I’m confident that God has a calling on my life and that I’ll get there. I just hope that it’s a sooner rather than later kind of thing.