★ Into the night he stole from his window away from quilt and pillow and locked doors with deftness he moved within darkness over sill, siding, junipers, aspers slow motion, on his toes, beholding every little noise, each bump or breath his own pulse beat lightly in wrists, temples gliding over fresh cut grass, a wet lawn to the street, to his friends, to things other different from what his mother wanted things she wished he didn’t know existed blocks away, young men greet each other pretending to be older, to be grown masquerading as men doing business exchanges take place away from street […]

On Traveling Alone -or- Some Form of Pareidolia

Somehow, I’ve bought into the idea that the world is worth seeing. God help me, because it’s probably some awful philosophy that every generation’s hipsters have ascribed to, or it’s what Solomon was referring to in Ecclesiastes when he wrote that the eye is never filled with seeing, nor is the ear filled with hearing– all things are wearisome, more than one can say. But cerulean seas and sandy beaches, palm trees, waterfalls and warm weather beckon me to come and see and swim and read among them. Possibly with a beer. So, every now and again, I go. To the mountains, to […]

Dystopic Microcosm

I love the beach. When my mind has time to actually wander, two out of three times it somehow makes it to the sandy shores of the Pacific or Caribbean. I think I love the ocean, too. But once, I went deep sea fishing off the Oregon Coast and might have maybe caught a jellyfish for the most part, but I vomited on it right when I’d reeled it up to the surface, then spent the rest of the eight-hour journey silently spilling the contents of my stomach over the side of the boat. I was way annoyed about this; I’d taken […]