Talking to God: It’s Magic

I really mostly only read two genres: Theology and Fantasy. I also love a good dystopia or something in a nice post-apocalyptic setting, but so many of those stories are subpar lately. The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner pale in comparison to some good old 1984 or Brave New World or really, any Ayn Rand. Her philosophy is terrible and will always end in devastating destruction (insert subtle, yet poignant political statement here), but at least she was willing to follow through to that end in most of her writing. And she knew how to create good characters. I love fantasy. A […]

Talking to God: Dark Night of the Soul

Occasionally, I find myself in a funk. I can’t quite say that I’m depressed, because I’m not sure that’s what it really is. My head could be broken, or there could just be too much going on to maintain that semi-indifference that helps me laugh at most things. Door number three could be that I haven’t cared for myself physically in the ways that a human who desires to be healthy ought to, and the chemicals in the brain suffer, wreaking havoc with my worldview and worse, my mood. Who the hell knows? One of the troubles with a holistic view of the human […]


★ Into the night he stole from his window away from quilt and pillow and locked doors with deftness he moved within darkness over sill, siding, junipers, aspers slow motion, on his toes, beholding every little noise, each bump or breath his own pulse beat lightly in wrists, temples gliding over fresh cut grass, a wet lawn to the street, to his friends, to things other different from what his mother wanted things she wished he didn’t know existed blocks away, young men greet each other pretending to be older, to be grown masquerading as men doing business exchanges take place away from street […]